Thursday, January 15, 2009

14 weeks...on to the 2nd trimester!!

Today we enter a new stage of the pregnancy. 14 weeks!! According to, our little ones are the size of lemons. "Your adorable little fetus is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, and (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth."

Yesterday we had our doctor's appointment. Other than the long wait, it went well. I just wanted to hear both of our babies and we did. She found them both on the doppler and we were a little surprised. It was amazing how James and I could tell the difference between the two and it wasn't us just taking her word for it. It really is the most beautiful sound in the world!! We discussed our big level 2 scan. We go back to see the dr Feb 12 and she wants the scan done before we go back. They're supposed to call me with the appointment info. It is so cool to think that we could potentially know what these little brownies are in 3-4 weeks. I just hope that they're cooperative and they're able to tell!! James and I have also discussed getting a 3D/4D scan. I think along with our black and whites, it would be neat to get one where you can really see them. Speaking of pictures, we finally copied our 10 week scan so I can post them. This was 4 weeks ago, I wonder how big they look now.

The one above (if this loads like it's supposed to) is a shot of both of them together. It was more like the tops of their heads, but she wanted to get them on the same plane.

These are of them individually. Baby B is on the left and Baby A is on the right. When she was trying to take the shot of B, he was moving and bouncing around, kind of flapping his arms. It was so cool to see. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the moment I realize I'm feeling them move!!


Becky said...

So cute, thanks for the pictures. I never really liked looking at ultrasound pictures in the past because i could never see anything that clear, now that i have my own, i love looking at them!!!!

Congrats on the new brownies!!!!

Shannon said...

I just love the pictures!!

Shannon said...

The babies are so cute! I cant believe you're onto 2nd Tri, wow!