Monday, January 26, 2009


I experienced a new kind of fear today.  I had gone to the bathroom at work this afternoon, one trip of many during the day, and I was looking at my belly in the mirror.  It itched a little so I scratched it through my shirt.  Then, for whatever reason, I lifted my shirt to look at my belly.  At this point I started to panic.  I almost started to tear up.  I thought I saw about 4 stretch marks starting to show.  I kept thinking, this can't be happening-no, I can't get them, it's way too early.  Well, the light in the bathroom is dim so after much examining, I realized it was my scratch marks.  For whatever reason I tend to kind of welp up when I scratch any body part-like what it would look like if you were scratched by a dog.  After I realized it really wasn't a stretch mark I was able to calm down.  I didn't realize how afraid I was of getting them until I thought I had a few.  What a strange thing to experience!!!  

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Shannon said...

Oh Jeannie, Im sorry that you got scared and upset. Are you using any cocoa butter or other lotion on your belly? Even if you do get some stretchmarks, you're still going to be a beautiful, beautiful momma!