Saturday, January 24, 2009

15 weeks

Today we're 15w 2days. We're less than 2 weeks from the big ultrasound. We're also less than 3 weeks from Shannon's visit! February is going to be such an eventful month ;) I tried to take a few more belly shots on Thursday but my camera wasn't cooperating. They all turned out blurry. Apparently at 6:30 I do not operate a camera well. This week was so much better than last week. I had more energy and didn't feel utterly exhausted all week. I got plenty of sleep and it felt great!

Last night we saw "WICKED". It was amazing. My favorite movie ever is The Wizard of Oz so I was a bit worried it would ruin it for me but it didn't. The music was amazing. I loved it. Even though sitting still in those seats was uncomfortable me for for over 2 hours, it was still worth it! If you get the chance to go see it, GO SEE IT!!

The second best thing to happen this week was that I found the nursery bedding I want to use and James approved it :) I saw a plate a Target about a month ago that had a Damask like print on it and as soon as I saw it I got an idea in my head of how I wanted the nursery to be decorated. I had no clue I'd actually find bedding to match what was in my head. At first I was just checking websites of stores that were local so we could register there, but I decided to check other sites to give myself more ideas and that's when I found them. They have a girl and boy set and compared to what we've looked at, the price is reasonable. The great thing is that no matter if these twins are boys, girls or one of each, the idea in my head matches them all!!


Becky said...

So cute, but i was thinking maybe you should call your blog, a couple of Brownies!! Heeeheee just a thought.

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Love the bedding, so cute!!