Friday, November 14, 2008

Telling my Family

Wednesday 11/12 was my dad's birthday. When we found out, I knew that I wanted to tell my dad on his birthday. I knew it would be the best gift ever! Since my parents are divorced, I had to devise a plan to surprise them both separately but on the same day. I also wanted to tell my sister badly so we decided to tell them all on dad's birthday. Here was the game plan: Back in February we bought "Why I love Grandma" and "Why I love Grandpa" books to give both sets of grandparents as the announcement. I wrapped dad's book since it was his birthday, left mom's in the bag from the bookstore and to tell Kelly, I made her a t-shirt that said "AUNT KELLY". We went out to dinner Wednesday night and went back to dad's house for birthday brownies. After Kelly left, I gave dad the book and when he opened it, he seemed a little confused. I had written, "Happy Birthday Papaw, We love you" on the inside and when he opened it, his face lit up. In the same high pitched voice James used, he asked if I was pregnant. I told him yes. He asked if I was serious and again I said yes. He asked really and again, yes. He started crying. It was so sweet. He gave me a hug and of course I started crying. He was so happy. He later called me and told me it was the best present we could've given him.

We stopped by mom's next and woke her up. I handed her the bag and told her we had picked her up a book at the store. She took it out of the bag, looked at it and said she needed to find her glasses. She walked out of the room and James and I stood there laughing. She walked back in and was like, "What's this?" I read the title out loud and she was like ok. I said it again, Why I love my grandma and it still didn't hit her. So I said, "you're going to be a grandma!" She asked if I was serious and when I said yes, she started screaming and jumping up and down. Then she hugged me and cried. The tears were running down my face too. She was so excited asking me all kinds of questions. We just asked that she not tell anyone, at least until we went to the dr.

After mom's we went to Kelly's. I had put her t-shirt down in an Old Navy bag that had 2 shirts in it that I had picked up for her. She pulled it out and kind of looked at it puzzled. Then it hit her and she asked if I was pregnant. When I told her yes, she gave me the exact reaction I had predicted. She screamed. Oh did she scream. It was so cute. She immediately started talking about planning a shower. She asked if it was a surprise or if we had been trying. She was the only one that night to ask and we told her it had taken a year. Then she walked up to my belly and started talking to it. Very cute.

I couldn't have asked for better reactions from any of them. Honestly, we got the reaction from each of them that we expected. Lots of excitement, tears and screams. It was clear my family is very excited.

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Shannon said...

ok I have tears in my eyes after reading all the reactions. hugs!