Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh My

Something has lit a fire under the boys because it seems like they've decided to kick some milestone butt this week. For this reason, I think I'll join in on Shannon's Things I Don't Want To Forget Thursdays.

*Instead of sitting in my lap or daddy's lap, he's started picking up books on his own and turning the pages, pointing, and talking as if he's really reading on his own. It's precious.
*He's also started cruising. He doesn't pull up on furniture, but if you let him pull up using your fingers and walk him up to a piece of furniture he'll grab on and eventually start moving along. His biggest motivation is watching Ethan crawl over to me. He doesn't like being left standing there watching his brother get the attention so he gets a move on.
*He's really started walking well while using the musical walker to hold on to. He's done it a few times before, timidly, but he seems confident now.
*When you say pattycake, he immediately starts clapping his hands. Where did this come from? I have no idea.
*He is pointing at everything and telling me what it is. Can I make it out? No, but he seems to know what he's talking about.

*He's eating cardboard!?!?!? Seriously son, where is this coming from? His love for books is a different kind of love from Lucas. Ethan likes to chomp on his board books and he's slick and super fast about it. We started giving him bigger books that were hard for him to lift thinking he wouldn't chew on ones he wasn't able to pick up. Wrong. He just leans down to the floor to gnaw at the edges of the book. He's so not a picky eater :)
*He has learned to crawl up the stairs. He's tried on a few occassions, with supervision of course. Yesterday I was headed upstairs to clean bathrooms while my MIL watched them and he followed me right up. The way our stairs are set up is you walk up two to a platform, then turn to the right and go all the way to the second floor. He had no problem getting to the platform and even went up a few more just to prove he could do it. We have a gate at the top, now I guess we need one at the bottom. Oy!
*This isn't a good thing but it seems like yesterday and today Ethan has had a real paci attachment.

On an unrelated note....
I've been wanting to decorate the hallway bathroom for the boys. It's very simple now. A light aqua with aqua/gold shower curtain and two pictures I painted on the wall. Definitely not kid friendly. Behind the curtain it's all kid with toys, rubber ducky tub, Johnson's & Johnson's baby wash and shampoo. So after realizing that kid appropriate pirate shower curtains are rare, we went nautical. I found a curtain at Target that had bright underwater creatures on it that even had an octopus with an eye patch on it. I snatched it up with a few accessories and brightly colored towels. The next step is to pick out the new wall color, paint, and finish it off with some new bright rugs and Mommy paintings. I'm very excited about this project!!
Now, time for So You Think You Can summer guilty pleasure :)

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The Lane Family said...

I love updates like this because it is so fun to see what your boys are doing and hear about their adventures..especially "eating cardboard""!?!?!?!?!?