Thursday, May 20, 2010

11 Months

Today the boys are 11 months old (I'm picking up jaw up off the floor). They are looking and acting more like toddlers and less like babies and I don't know when that happened. My babies aren't babies anymore. Here's what they're doing these days...

*crawls at the speed of light
*pulls up on EVERYTHING
*loves to cruise around the house holding on to any furniture he can to stay on his feet
*getting brave and tries to stand up without holding on for a few seconds at a time
*puts paci's in his mouth if one is in sight/reach
*steals toys and paci's from his brother
*very talkative but other than mama and dada isn't making out any real words
*smiles all-the-time!
*eats everything you put in front of him (we're increasing table foods and decreasing baby food)
*his new thing is eating the cardboard of the cute board books we have
*absolutely will not stay still during any diaper change-must roll multiple times
*is kind of a bully to his brother

*refuses to crawl
*walks as long as he's holding on to someone's fingers
*loves to stand up holding on to furniture
*is starting to cruise a little bit
*rolls over during diaper changes and while in the crib
*not showing interest in pulling up on anything yet
*cries when his brother comes over towards him and touches him
*increasing table foods and decreasing baby food (but we had a bit of a set back after his stomach bug)
*loves holding and opening books
*is a chatterbug, but this two favorites are mama and dada
*can wave and say bye bye

Ethan's definitely on the move while Lucas is still stationary. Lucas gets frustrated watching Ethan crawling and cruise but it hasn't seemed to motivate him much. He does love being on his feet and walking as long as he can hold on to your fingers. I think he's really going to skip crawling all together and start walking, if he'd start pulling up on things to get to his feet.

So it seems right now that I have one bully child and one wimpy child. It doesn't matter what Ethan is doing, if Lucas picks up a toy Ethan will stop what he's doing and come take it from Lucas. Lucas sometimes lets him take it and finds something else, sometimes cries, and sometimes takes it back. I really have no idea how to deal with this. Ethan also will not let anything get in his way when he decides he's on his way to something. This includes Lucas. If Lucas is laying or sitting in the path of Ethan, Ethan will climb right over Lucas. This makes Lucas cry. Sometimes if Ethan just gets close to Lucas he'll start fussing. I don't know what to do. He just needs to buck up and push back or suck it up but how do you tell that to a baby?

I'm also stuck on how to adjust their feedings to where we move from 4 meals with bottles to 3 meals with snacks. We want to get the boys on a normal feeding schedule so we're eating at the same time, especially dinner. We're also wanting to lose the bottle at 1 year and I'm not sure that's going to go half as smoothly as I'd like. There's way too much going on!

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