Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crib Recall

Thankfully, up until now, we haven't had any baby equipment on any of the recall lists. However, the crib recall that just came out does affect us. I got on the website and ordered the hardware replacement that they are sending out, but what do I do for the next 2-3 weeks that it says it will take to arrive? There has been WAY TOO MUCH going on...I don't need anything else to stress about (and this is a big stress).


Shannon said...

Do you still have your pack n play? I know they are not the greatest but at least its somewhere safe for teh boys to sleep for now. GL and miss you LOTS!!

Katie said...

Did they elaborate at all about what could go wrong? Honestly, I think I would just continue using them unless the recall is for something severe. I mean, they've held up for almost 11 months now (eek!), so I would probably chance it for another 2-3 weeks. **All depends on what the recall is about though!**

Jeannie said...

Katie, I think we're doing just that. It's a plastic piece that's breaking when using the drop side. We don't use the drop side so we're just going to let it be. If it comes back to bite us, we'll deal with it. Like you said, it's held up almost 11 months with no issues. Out of 200,000+ sold, 99 have been reported. If we used the drop side, we'd definitely move them into the pack-n-play but we don't. Smart decision? We'll see.