Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My vision for the day: French toast breakfast, play with the boys, a picnic lunch in the park, and then open house for the grandparents to visit.
Reality: Woke up with sore throat, had french toast, started to feel achy, took a 30 minute nap, felt worse, took hot bath thanks to James, felt worse, took temp and had fever so took tylenol, fever broke, felt good enough to have pizza and cookie cake, had grandparents visit, went to bed early.
Wasn't the ideal way to spend Mother's Day, but when I think back to last years Mother's day sitting in the hospital with preterm labor, being monitored for contractions, I'll take feeling sick while watching my two healthy babies play!!!

We finally got our computer back! I'm so happy. I hate feeling behind on my blog and reading others. It's become part of my regular routine and without it, my days have felt weird. Glad to be back.

I was able to order the boys birthday shirts and some of the birthday supplies. The monkey theme is in full swing. I can't wait to get my packages!!


Alicea said...

Yeah, not the Mother's Day I invisioned either, but I was so glad Chris gave me the "day off" and did absolutely everything for me so I could read my book and rest up from the horrible night we had with Kyle. We are so very lucky to have such wonderful husbands!

Amy said...

oh man, that stinks! ah well, there's always next year, right? a monkey themed bday part? that is going to be so DARN cute!!

Shannon said...

Im sorry you were sick, but glad your feeling better! Cant believe they are almost 1!!

The Lane Family said...

That is a bummer about the illness!! I can relate because I have one very, very sick baby and another one coming down with the crud :(

It truly is amazing the difference a year makes and I am SOOO happy that this year you had two very, happy, healthy boys to snuggle with :)

I am looking forward to their birthday pictures!!