Friday, June 11, 2010


I have so much to post about the boys, but I need to take time to send big Congratulations to Shannon (MrsDutchie) and her husband. They welcomed their sweet baby boy on June 10 at 12:14am...just 14 minutes over her due date. I couldn't be happier for them.

I "met" Shannon on the nest, when it was still the nest, back in 2007. Over time, we got to really know each other by computer and phone. I called her the morning after finding out we were expecting twins and after we found out they were boys. She called often while I was on bedrest in the hospital to check on me. We cried together on the phone when she told me she was pregnant. She is a wonderful person and I consider her a really great friend. Last October we actually got to meet when she and her husband came to KY for a convention. She had just recently found out she was pregnant so it was such a joyful meeting. I was so excited for her to meet the boys. I am so excited that they are coming back this October so I'll get to meet her sweet boy and our boys can all meet! It's amazing that out of pain and struggle, I developed such great friendships (I'm talking to all my momma's out there that I keep in touch with!!)

Congratulations Steen Family!!!


Amy said...

love this post. :)

The Steens said...

Thanks so much Jeannie!! You are such a great friend!! I will call you sometime this week so we can chat. Benjamin cant wait to meet you and the boys!!
hugs and love