Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boys!!

We have the sweetest boys ever and I just can't believe they turned 1 yesterday. This has been the most challenging but absolutely the best year of our lives. We really were doubly blessed with two boys and we couldn't have asked for better babies. It is such a joy and blessing being able to watch them grow and succeed.

We celebrated with a big party Saturday. We went with a monkey theme and had an adorable monkey cake to match. (My friend from high school, Brande Hayes, owns her own cake business. You can check her out on facebook...Have your cake) We even rented (at a very reduced rate) a bouncy house for the adults kids. We had a birthday banner hanging from our front porch. It was super hot but it was a great day. The boys were passed around while everyone ate. Then we took them outside to eat in their highchairs followed by cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" to each of them individually and then gave them each their own giant cupcake made by yours truly to tear in to. IT WAS ADORABLE!!! I have a video that I haven't uploaded yet but once I do, it will be on here asap! After cupcake destruction, we had to follow up with a bath and change into birthday outfit #2. We then sat down to open gifts. Getting two boys to pay attention long enough to open a lot of gifts is virtually impossible. Ethan was distracted by one of the first gifts but Lucas held on and helped open most of his. They loaded up for sure! We are so thankful to all of our family and friends who helped us celebrate such a special day!!

Sunday, their actual birthday, we had a lay low kind of day. We spent it as a four person family playing with their new toys, hanging out in their little pool, and spending time with daddy for Father's Day. There was a lot to do leading up to the party, a lot going on during the party, so yesterday we rested. It was a great weekend though!

Now....picture overload :)


Jennifer said...

Yay -- Happy Birthday, Boys!!!!! That monkey cake was awesome!

Amy said...

aww, Happy Birthday to your little monkeys! just be careful now- you WON'T BELIEVE how fast they turn into toddlers now! :)

Alicea said...

Awwww, so cute. I can't believe they are 1. Kyle's 1st birthday is only 6 weeks plans for a big party, though. Just a small BBQ at home with our families.

The Lane Family said...

Happy Birthday!! Where does the time go :) It looks like they had a lot of fun and everyone made sure that they had some cute gifts!!

I love the birthday cakes they are ADORABLE!!!