Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dr's App Went Well/26 weeks!!

So we had an interesting day today. We started off in ultrasound rather than drinking the sugar stuff first. We've had two different girls do ultrasounds at the office and luckily, we got the one I like better (the other just doesn't have any tact and honestly shouldn't be around pregnant woman with her attitude). We were there for a growth u/s. It was very informational :) Baby A is head down. That's exactly the position he needs to stay in! His feet are high up on the right side of my belly. I've been feeling him A LOT lately. Baby B's head is up in my ribs.....he's the culprit. I guess I know why my ribs hurt. Here's the real kicker. They are measuring at 2.5lbs each. EACH! They are in the 72nd percentile for growth. They are bigger than most single babies at this stage. Are you serious?? No wonder I feel so uncomfortable. I think it's almost funny that they have some extra cushion....I'm calling them chubbs :) Of course it will even out since once into the 30 weeks they no longer grow like single babies.

After the u/s, I drank the fruit punch sugar stuff. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. Tasted like sugary gatorade with a bit of a sandy/salty after taste. Then we were called back to the room to wait for the dr. By this point I was completely red faced and started to break a sweat. This usually happens every afternoon at work. So my dr comes in, finds their heartbeats (we didn't listen for them in the u/s) and measures the belly. Guess who is measuring big?? Of course, if the babies are big, I'm going to be bigger than the avg twin mommy. No wonder I feel so incredibly uncomfortable. Then we talked delivery options. Since Baby A is head down, as long as he stays that way, we are a go for a vaginal delivery. YAY! If I can avoid a c-section, I definitely want to. She was very on board and encouraging about delivering vaginally. This made me feel very good about it. Guess I better go ahead and sign up for the birthing class! She said my blood pressure is great and everything is moving along perfectly. No swelling or anything and I've only gained 25lbs. I wasn't keeping count b/c I was afraid it was much more than that. Makes me feel better to know I haven't gone overboard. They said to gain about 50 or so pounds with twins and I'm on a good track. We go back in two weeks and they're going to check my cervix. She said that's about the time we could see some changes so they want to make sure it's still closed. If there's any hint of it not being closed, we'll be discussing bed rest. If not, I'm asking for shorter work days. Until then, I'm to take it easy, keep my feet up a lot, minimal work and breaks as needed. After work I met up with one of my friends and she took some belly shots for me. When she emails me some shots, I'll post them. It was fun!!

This weekend is Easter so other than church, we'll be seeing our families for food and I'll be taking it easy. I do want to put together more items we got at the shower though. More so me telling James which items to put together :)

On a final note, I have become reobsessed with Twilight. I've watched the movie like 6 times since I got it and I finally decided to read Midnight Sun, or at least what she has finished. I'm very excited about it!! I know I need to start reading books on what to do when the babies arrive, but I can't focus until I finish it. Crazy, I know!

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