Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twin Love

As a daughter of a twin, I've seen first hand the bond between twins. I always expected that kind of relationship between E&L from the beginning because of watching my dad & uncle. Unfortunately, the boys didn't really seem interested in each other at all and that made me sad. I was worried that they would be too different to really behave how you would expect twins to behave towards each other. Recently, though, that has changed. They call each other bubby-they started this, James and I never used the word bubby. Ethan doesn't want to do anything if bubby doesn't join him. He will yell for bubby until Lucas is in site. It's so cute. They give each other hugs and kisses out of nowhere and it just melts my heart. They interact with each other and share with each other now. It's the sweet thing to watch them share with each other. They still fight some, but most of the time they don't want the other to be left out. I hope they only get closer as they get older, but I'm loving watching them at this age!

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Alicea said...

That is so sweet! Really makes me want to have a little brother or sister for Kyle.