Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hands in their Hair???

Do your kids do this? Is there a way to make them stop?? The moment E&L's hands get all nastied up with food they immediately stick them in their hair. It's always Monkey See Monkey Do in my house so if one does it the other does it too. Even if I'm on the defense and cleaning them up during meals, they still manage to get food in their hair. James suggested shower caps. Great idea aside from the fact they'd pull them right off. Shower cap with chin straps? Now we're talking. Might be time to take a trip to the dollar store to get a few and see what I can create to keep them on. I will win this battle. Oh yes I will. One way or another!!!


Amy said...

yes, P used to do this all the time, and i hated it! it didn't last too long, though!

Alicea said...

Kyle does this all.the.time.Drives me crazy, especially after a bath.