Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 Months Old!

The only thing that comes to mind when I say 20 months is that in four short months they will be 2. TWO!!! It blows my mind that we are that close. In fact, I should probably start thinking about their birthday party right about now knowing how long it takes anything to get completed in this house.

They are doing so many things. I'm such a proud momma these days.

*He loves to put on his clothes. He'll take them off to put them back on or will try to put other clothes on top of what he's wearing. Granted, he usually puts his shirts on his legs, but he can definitely do his own pants and socks.

*He doesn't go ANYWHERE without his dog. He is attached to that thing. It's mostly cute. He gets so excited when he's been looking for it and finds it again.

*He has pee-pee'd on the potty once.

*He loves to play with the real vacuum and run his fake vacuum. LOVES IT!!

*He loves to climb on top of the half wall we have that separates our living room from our kitchen. Drives me crazy b/c I'm afraid he's going to fall. He says "sit down" the whole time he's trying to climb up though. (I have a pic I'll post later)

*He can count 1, 2.

*He has a little guitar that he likes to dance around and sing with. He gets really into it which of course makes us laugh so hard b/c it's so cute!

*They respond "OK" to questions. It's so darn cute!

*They love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

*Their manners get better everyday. They're starting to say Please without me needing to prompt them.

*They tell me when they've gone poo-poo and sometimes pee-pee.

*They can both tell me what's the color blue, but they don't say other colors.

*They have become picky eaters, which I hate. It seems like over the last two weeks their eating has dropped off. Makes meal times difficult.

*They've also dropped to three meals a day with a light snack instead of four. They were eating breakfast, big snack that was considered a meal with as much as they ate, lunch and dinner. Now they barely eat breakfast, have a light snack, usually do pretty good with lunch and dinner.

*They tell me when they're hungry. I no longer follow a timed schedule with food. I ask them if they're ready for snack or ready for lunch. They eat when they're ready.

*They tell me when they're ready for night night (nap). I know this will change, but I'll ask are you ready for night night and sometimes they say no, but if I ask again they'll shake their heads yes and head up stairs with me.

*Their vocabulary just grows every day. I sit in amazement listening to some of the stuff they say.

*We go to storytime at the library on Wednesdays and they seems to really enjoy themselves.

*They share with each other!

They get in to everything but I'm having so much fun watching them at this age!

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Alicea said...

They sound like they are doing so well! I wish Kyle would pick up on the vocab a little bit more, but my pedi said if he's not saying at least 50 words by the time he's 2, then we'll discuss speach therapy for him.

Have they climbed out of their cribs yet? Kyle is starting to, yikes!