Monday, November 9, 2009

Maybe Not

Again today, the boys took a nice long nap. I was so happy. It gave me enough time to coordinate with the ladies I'll be attending New Moon with. It also gave me enough time to purchase my tickets!! That's right, we're going to see New Moon at midnight. I'm super excited. I know for many, it was not a great book or the least favorite of the series. I liked it a lot and loved the Italy section.

As for my sweet Lucas, he has an ear infection in both ears :( He hasn't had a fever at all, just the congestion. I was kind of shocked when she told me just because other than looking kind of sad, he's not shown any signs of feeling bad. We just have to keep flushing his nose and give him an antibiotic. Poor little guy. I'm just glad to know he should be feeling better soon, although he has been as smiles and giggles today. My little trooper!


Shannon said...

Im so jealous of your midnight showing of New Moon, Im not sure I could even sit through a regular day showing :)

I hope Lucas gets better soon. Sending get well kisses!

Shanny said...

I didn't like New Moon until I read Eclipse for some reason... it kind of made me appreciate what really happened in New Moon. Can't wait to see the movie!!!!
I'm jealous you get to see it at midnight, enjoy it!

Katie said...

We're going to see it opening weekend too! Can't wait! Yay for more consistent sleep - they get cuter everyday!!