Sunday, November 22, 2009

5 Months

Are they 5 months already?? Yup. They turned 5 months Friday the 20th. It's just amazing how much they have grown in 5 months. They are developing into little people and it's such a blessing to watch. Every day is something new.

Ethan...He is making this new noise. It's almost like a gasp for air but it's followed by a laugh or another funny noise. He can also fake cough. At first I thought he was really coughing but then he laughed. He's done is several times now and I just crack up. I just think to myself, "How does he know to do this??" He is great at holding his head up and is so much better at sitting up. He still needs someone to hold onto him or needs something behind him to fall back on when he's done, but it's great seeing him sit up. He does not like being held in any way that doesn't let him see out. If you attempt to hold him like a baby and he's not falling asleep, he cries because he wants to be upright. He's even to the point where he tries to pull up out of the carseat when he's in it and the Bumbo too. It's like he thinks he's a big boy and is able to get up out of it himself. He's always always always kicking his legs. I mean if he was mobile, he'd been to China and back by now. He's now playing with his tongue. He's been sticking his tongue out and moving it around and pushing things out of his mouth with it. So cute. He pulls his pacy out and puts it back in his mouth. It doesn't always end up perfectly in his mouth, but he tries very hard. He grabs for things with both hands now instead of just one. He loves his jumperoo. He'd bounce away if the thing wasn't stationary. Always active. He still loves his feet. They've made it to his mouth a few times. He is always reaching for them. Unfortunately, he's still only rolled over the one time. I know he'll be doing it constantly in no time, though. He loves the rice cereal. He also loves playing in the cereal. Once the spoon comes out of his mouth, his hand goes right in. He's definitely going to be the messy one :) Tomorrow we have to take him to the ped urologist for his testosterone shot in preparation for his surgery next month (to correct his chorde (curve in his penis) and get his circumcision). Not looking forward to that but the curve has to be corrected, otherwise we'd just leave it.

Lucas....He has learned how to screech. He loves it and has become his favorite thing to do. Let me tell you, it gets loud. But it's cute because he laughs and smiles after he does it. Almost as if he's saying, "Look what I can do!" Lucas is getting much better at holding his head up. We joked around that his cheeks were so heavy he couldn't hold his head up, but he's proving us wrong. He's also getting good at sitting up. He likes the jumperoo too. He's also starting to put his hands in his mouth, but he likes holding the pacy more it seems. Hedoes like to suck his thumb periodically. It's not a frequent thing so I'm not worried about a bad habit. It's cute too. He loves eating the cereal and usually doesn't make much of a mess at all when he's eating. He'd rather eat it than waste it :)

He is great at standing up. We barely have to hold on. He just stiffens up and is so strong. He and James play Airplane and he does the same thing, stiffens up. He likes being on his belly and pushing up. He almost looks like a fish out of water sometimes the way he rocks around. I love to watch him! He is full of personality but has a very serious face that he makes a lot. It's funny because he has so much hair and when he makes that face he looks like an old man :)

They are doing so well and I'm just so proud. I try very hard to not compare the two with what they accomplish. Just because they are twins doesn't mean they will acheive things at the same time. I don't want to overreact or worry when one does something but the other hasn't yet. They'll get the hang of things when they're ready. Happy 5 Months babies!!


Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

They are so cute and are doing great at meeting those milestones. It's so fun to watch isn't it? I know what you mean how every day is something new. Kyle amazes me every day, too. I'm always telling him how big and strong and smart he is! :) I'm not biased or anything. ;)

The Lane Family said...

Your little boys are just so cute and growing up like all kids fast. I love Ethan's little smile and it looks like he may have your eyes?!?! That is so fun about his new sound. cute little guy. Aidan also loved the jumperoo in fact he was sad when it would not hold him anymore.

Lucas has so much dark hair and what a cutie!! I love how he plays jet with your husband already. Who knows maybe he will be the first walker :)

I am glad that life is busy but wonderful with your boys!!

Shanny said...

Awww happy 5 months to them!!!!