Monday, September 21, 2009

3 Months!

My baby boys are 3 months old (9/20/09). I think I say this every time, but I just can't believe how much they are growing and how quickly. My goal was to get a good picture (one that has both boys in it and neither one is crying) and weigh them but I didn't get either. I got a few good pictures of them individually but no weight. The pictures ended up on two different cameras so I only have one set on the computer.

They boys are doing well. Sunday, the 20th, we upped them to the level 2 nipple. Lucas is our little piggy. He usually downs his bottle quickly but pokie Ethan takes a good 30+ minutes to finish his bottle. They've been at 5 oz for at least 3 weeks now. I decided that it was time to go ahead and change the nipple size because it was just taking too long. Now Lucas can down his bottle in less than 10 minutes (avg has been 8 mins) but Ethan is still taking about 25-30 minutes. Goodness gracious boy. People keep telling me that he's just taking his time to savor it. I guess he's just going to be a slow eater. He doesn't have any problems taking it so I should just focus on that and not speed. They're still taking their daytime bottles every 3-3.5 hrs which is interesting to me. James & I discussed it and we thought increasing their ounces should lengthen the time between feedings, but it hasn't worked out that way. I don't feel like we're over feeding them though. I feel like I've gotten good at distinguishing their cries and we have a good routine (not schedule) that they seem to stick to so we all know what to expect from each other. I don't get the bottles ready until they cry hungry, but it's usually 3-3.5 hrs apart. Their nighttime feedings are a different story. They have their last bottle before bed sometime between 7:30 & 9 depeding on their daytime feedings. After their night bottle we put them down and they're good until 6am. Last night they even made it to 7am. After this feeding we're good for another 5 hours putting it around 11am. That's when the 3 hour time frame kicks in.

They're on 5oz each feeding, sleeping 8+ hours at night, they're in size 1 diapers, and they've outgrown all of their newborn clothing. It's amazing how they're growing. You can absolutely see their personalities and how different they are. They don't seem interested in each other yet. We're looking forward to when they are. Sometimes during tummy time they'll kind of hold on to each other but it looks more accidental than on purpose. Those are still precious moments to us though. Lucas rolled over a few times previously but it has been a long while. Ethan has yet to roll over. Lucas tries so hard during tummy time but just hasn't gotten all the way over. Ethan didn't seem interested in trying to roll over but over the last few days, that's changed. He doesn't look as close to rolling over as Lucas, but he's trying harder now. Lucas is still "talking" all the time. Ethan seems like he has to be in the mood to be as vocal. Ethan has discovered his legs and kicks all the time. When he's in his bouncy seat he bounces it like crazy from all the kicking he does. He looks like he's going to be our little soccer player.

I'm adjusting to it all pretty well, I think. It is a lot taking care of two babies that depend on you for everything. Sometimes I feel bad because when I'm giving one attention, I feel like I'm neglecting the other. I don't know if they mind, but it bothers me. There's been a lot of nonbaby related stress in the house lately, related to the house, and I'm trying not to let it get to me because I can see it gets to James. In other news, I'm down a few more pounds. YAY! I definitely need to find time to work out. I'm not sure how to fit in it though. Maybe that's where I struggle most, time management. There is so much I'd like to get done during the day, both baby related and not, but I usually get almost none of it done. I'm lucky to even start doing something. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

Lucas was proudly sporting his Cardinal gear Saturday for the big game.

Ethan making some funny faces. (I got a good one of him smiling...on the other camera) The first picture he's watching football intently.

Lucas just finished tummy time and was very happy.


Shannon said...

beautiful babies!! Cant wait to see them

Bliss04 said...

i hear ya on the getting nothing done, i can't imagine how you feel with TWO babies! i'm glad they're growing so healthy!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Ahhhh, too cute. I couldn't imagine taking care of two. I can barely handle one! I hope you're doing well.

Shannon said...

Ohhhh, they are so cute! Im glad things are going good, you're doing such a great job with the boys!