Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It astonishes me the words that come out of their little mouths. They love to repeat anything they hear and it seems like they just love learning new words. They got a book of animals for Christmas but to see the animal and the word you have to hold up the flap. They LOVE this book. It has been a great learning tool as well because they are saying words of animals I sure didn't expect. Last night we were getting ready for bed and out of no where, Lucas says Penguin. It was clear as day too. Of course today when I ask him to say it he says "No". Unfortunately this is a common word around our house now and it's more frequently use by E&L than James & I. Another word is Ok. If I ask Ethan to do something or tell him something I'm going to do his usual response is "ok" which sounds more like Ah-K. It's so cute though. It makes being at home with them during the day that much more entertaining!!

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Amy said...

it amazes me every day the words P uses! and books! omigod books! she is so completely obsessed with them!