Friday, December 3, 2010


There seem to be two things that make Lucas get excited. I'm talking about the squeal as loud as possible oh my gosh I'm going to jump outta my diaper right now kind of excitement. Seeing this excitement come from him is one of the best parts of my day. When James is on his way home from work we hang out around the front door. When I see him driving down the street I'll open the door and say here comes daddy. When Lucas sees his car, his reaction is priceless. Da he screams and starts jumping up and down, knocking on the door. When James walks in the door is when the second source of his excitement. "CALL!!!" What's a call you ask? It's James' work cell phone. Lucas loves to play with phones. I suppose he refers to them as calls b/c I always ask "who are you calling?" or "who you gonna call?". He likes a few different phones but it seems as if James' work phone is the ultimate prize. The moment James gets in the door Lucas is shouting out, "call, call, call, call" all the while pointing to James' waist where he knows this phone of gold resides. It's so comical. On the flip side, it's not something he should play with and when he's told no, it's a total meltdown. But for those few moments, his excitement makes everything good in the world!

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