Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yes, my son Lucas said gargoyle yesterday. We were at grandma & grandpas and have they have a small gargoyle sitting on top of their piano. Lucas was sitting on grandma's lap pointing at it so she told him it was a gargoyle. He must have repeated it like 10 times. I couldn't believe he could say that!!!

I haven't blogged b/c everyone in this house has been sick. We all got hit with some seriously nasty sinus stuff that came with a fever so we were each down about a day. Well, over the weekend Lucas came down with a fever. Monday he was covered in a rash. Took him to the dr and he tested positive for strep throat. Poor little guy. Aside from wanting me to hold him a lot yesterday (which I really didn't mind) he acted like he felt just fine yesterday. I'm assuming today will be the same. During this time, we did manage to get their 15 month checkup in. I can't remember their stats so that will have to wait but they are doing great!

Ethan loves the word dog. EVERYTHING is a dog. Well, I'm happy to announce he has another word!!! Doggy. It's so cute to hear him say doggy! I just love watching them grow and learn. We're working on body parts and so far I can only get them to point at nose, ears, and hair, but we're working on it. If you tell them to go get something, they do it and with a smile on their face.

Naps are going through a transition. They're not sure if they want one or two. Sometimes they'll only take one and sometimes two but they're a different length every day. Makes for some cranky babies come evening though.


Amy said...

i can only get P to point to her nose, hair, and belly. they must be popular ones! that's so cute he changed dog to doggy. :)

Alicea said...

I hope you all get better soon!! Kyle's favorite word is "mama". Everything is mama - including Daddy, which I just love. :)