Thursday, October 28, 2010

14 more to go!!

So let's talk poundage. Even before the boys were born, I was not at a weight that I was completely happy with. It seemed that over the year of TTC, weight seemed to sneak up on me and I didn't realize it was there until there was a lot there. I gained 50lbs with the boys and lost those 50lbs. I seemed to stablize at the same weight I was before I got pregnant. I wasn't happy with it but didn't do anything about it. Well, I guess about 2 months or so ago I went to my dad's house and went through my closet. I couldn't fit into any of the clothes in the closet or my wedding dress sitting in the bottom of my closet. I got extremely upset and set a get back in my wedding dress. Well I am happy to say I am 12 lbs closer to that happening. This is a public blog so I'm not going to say a specific number, but I have a goal in mind and 14 more lbs will get me there. I am fitting back in clothes that I haven't worn in over 2 years. I feel soooo much better about myself. I'm making healthier choices with food and cut my portions down to a healthy size. Overall, I'm just excited. My goal is very achievable and I am so excited to make it!! A friend on facebook had a status a while back that stuck with doesn't taste as good as I feel when I see the number on the scale. It's true. It's not about the number for me. It's to feel better and healthier. Plus I want my husband to find me even sexier than he does :)


The Steens said...

aww I know you can do it Jeannie!! Keep up the good work! And once you do it we can always do a trash the dress session =)

Amy said...

that's awesome Jeannie! you can do it! i also have 15 more lbs i want to shed, so we should keep each other on track! i worry that with the cold winter coming up i'm going to gain a few pounds and get out of a good routine. i just keep trying to picture that day i step on the scale and i'm at my goal weight. but it already feels awesome to wear clothes i haven't fit into in about 5 years!

The Lane Family said...

Way to go!!!! I also have more weight to lose and I work on it!!! I agree with you there are many good reasons for doing it but it is always wonderful to be even more sexier for our husbands!!!