Monday, October 25, 2010

16 Months and Pumpkins

Time management is not my strong suit. I'm behind!! Last Wednesday the boys hit 16 months. I try not to sit and think where did the last 16 months go and how did my tiny babies to get be such big boys that walk and talk. Instead I try to just sit amazed at all the things they know and do.
I love that we play repeater. Hearing the boys repeat after me is fun b/c I love to hear how they say things. I'm just waiting for the day, though, when someone repeats CRAP!

Last Sunday we went to a local farm that does wagon rides to their pumpkin patch for you to pick your own pumpkin. I had to dress them in their new overalls and plaid shirts :) I took a ton of pictures and loved how they turned out. Posing them is virtually impossible so I try to get the best action shots I can. I love playing with James' work SLR camera.Yesterday we took the boys to the zoo and it was great to see them so interested in the animals. Each time we go back it seems like they seem a little more intrigued than the last time. We even took them in the petting zoo area but they didn't really seem to care. It was fun for James though!

I need to get a few pics of them in their Halloween costumes. Anyone who is close with me knows that The Wizard of Oz is my all time most favoritist movie ever!!!! So when I found Scarecrow & TinMan costumes, you better believe I snatched them right up!! We tried them on once and the boys were adorable!! But they were disinterested and wanted to keep taking their hats off. I'm hoping on Halloween they'll be better about it b/c they hats make such a difference!!!

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