Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monthly Goals

I'm laying in bed blog hopping since I have some time to do so (James & the boys are sleeping). I came across a new blog (new to me) and she had posted goals she wanted to complete for the month of October. I think this is a great idea. I'm constantly telling James all the things I want to get done and by the time I have some time to work on things, I've forgotten half of what I wanted to do. I think blogging about it would help me A) remember all I want to do when my brain isn't keeping up and B) helping me to stay accountable. In between caring for the babies and doing the little things that are an immediate need, some of the things I want to do and some of the things I still need to do get overlooked and I can't continue to do so.

1. I will pack up and return all borrowed maternity clothing.
2. I will organize our closet and the clothing in my dresser!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. I will have a 4 month photo shoot of the boys and mail out pictures to family & friends.
4. Start doing Wordless Wednesday posts.
5. Be more productive during the mornings.
6. Find 2 new recipes and try them out.

I think that's a sufficient list for one month. I realize item 5 is vague, but since our routine is back on track from our little trip, I get a couple of hours in the morning where I could either attempt to sleep or I could actually do some things around the house. I've decided that since James gets ready and goes to work after the first morning feeding (usually between 7-7:30) that I might as well stay up too. It takes a good 30 minutes to get them both settled down and back to sleep after their bottle so why not stay up. I could get myself ready and work on a few things that I might not get a chance to do later in the day. When the boys aren't sleeping or eating they are definitely wanting attention and with two, I am definitely occupied during waking hours.

GREAT NEWS.....Shannon (MrsDutchie) is in KY!! Even better news....I'm so incredibly happy for her that she's pregnant!! Shannon & I started on our TTC journey about the same time and we've been able to share most of it with each other. I couldn't be any happier that she's going to get to experience pregnancy and mommyhood. She so deserves it and I'm so thankful the prayers have been answered!! I'm super excited to meet her Tuesday. I'm glad I'll get to give real ((HUGS)) to her.


Shannon said...

Love the goal idea!!! Its too bad I am not down longer or I could have taken some pictures of the boys.
Thanks for all your support hun, I am truly truly excited to meet you tomorrow!!

Bliss04 said...

great idea on writing things down. don't get too overwhelmed though, take care of yourself, too! you're such a great mommy!