Saturday, October 17, 2009

I can't believe it

Ethan has his first tooth starting to pop up. Oh yes it's true! It hasn't broken the skin yet, but you can definitely see & feel it. Thank the good Lord above, he hasn't been too fussy yet. We noticed it about 2 weeks ago. We go in for their 4 month check up on Thursday so along with this new development, I'm anxious to see what else is going on. I am super curious about their weights. They are getting so's amazing to watch them grow! Their sleeping patterns are changing. I'm getting used to it, but it was so frustrating at first because they wouldn't nap at all which means I was home alone with two very fussy babies. We're starting to learn a new routine so the last days of the week went much better than the first few.

They still haven't rolled over yet but man do they seem close. They get up on their side but they haven't been able to make it all the way over. It's so cute to watch. Ethan loves playing with his feet. He's constantly bringing his feet up near his face so he can play with them. Lucas loves sucking on his fingers. The smacking sounds he makes are so funny. He's also learning to bring toys/rattles to his mouth. They love laying on their floor gym playing with the dangling objects. Lucas seems more interested in the mirror where as Ethan is more interested in swatting at the toys that are hanging in front of him. I love watching their personalities come out!

Monthly Goals: I have organized my closet, but I haven't done anything else off the list. The end of October is getting close. I need to get in gear. I've been dealing with some gallbladder issues so I've not been 100% lately. No excuses though, I need to finish my list.



Shannon said...

Oh they are so cute!! I want to see them again!
I hope your feeling better soon!

The Lane Family said...

What cute little boys and they are growing up!!! I love them in their little seats. My girls really enjoyed them!!

Becky said...

love the bumbo chairs, i got one for Nicholas, it's blue.

I'm not sure i want another baby, but sometimes i catch my self and say, next baby i'll do this differently. I also don't want to part with Nich's clothes that he's out grown either, so i'm up in the air too!