Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love all four seasons. I love being able to experience all that each season brings. Thankfully, for the most part, in KY we get to experience all four. I am a seasonal person; I change right along with the seasons. My taste in music changes to fit the mood of the season. The decor in my house changes a bit. The color of my clothes matches the season. I like it that way. I love all the fabulous colors that come along with spring. I love the quarter and short sleeve shirts that come out. I love how Spring feels bright and happy. I love the warmth of the sun in the summer. I love celebrating my birthday, and now the birthday of my sons, in the summer. I love splashing around in the pool. I love my pink toenails I show off in sandals & flip flops. I love the transition into fall from the heat of a KY summer to the crisp fall air. I love switching to the earth tones and chocolate browns for clothing and decor. I enjoy having the house decorated; it's the start of a couple months worth of decorations. I LOVE Christmas and most of what the season brings (minus the commercialism and traffic). Believe it or not, I love the cold weather during Christmastime. HOWEVER....once the Christmas decorations come down, I'm ready for the cold weather to hit the road. I have a tendency to wish for Spring right after New Year's.

All this being said, I'm excited at all the new fun, bright, Springy blog templates/backgrounds that are coming out. James says I'm never satisfied as far as wanting to change decor in the house (hopefully that's not so). So now that I'm seeing all these fun backgrounds, I'm wanting to change up the look of my blog. I don't get in to or have the time to mess around with all the fancy stuff some of the other blogs have, but I do enjoy playing around on So, as I play around on there, I'll probably be changing the background to match it. My point...don't think I'm crazy if you get on here and every couple of weeks it has changed. It's just kind of become a hobby. An easy hobby because I get to play around with pictures of my adorable kids and scrapbooking on the computer is way easier than actually doing a scrapbook. Kind of a pointless post though :)


Amy said...

you're so funny! i too, am ready for winter to hit the road! and you are not the only one that is never satisfied with the decor in your house. as soon as i finish something, i'm ready for a change. it's a hobby, so who cares! :)

p.s. i'm loving all the spring stuff out in the stores too, yay!

Shanny said...

Ahh each season brings its own joy with it =)

I'm always thinking of changing up my blog but never have the guts to or never find anything satisfying enough. I haven't checked out in a while... I might do just that now... can't wait to see what you come up!