Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am CONVINCED / First Tooth!!!

that Lucas is talking!!! Yesterday he was crying and in the same fuss he said dada and mama. My cousin was standing nearby so she heard it to...not just a hopeful Mommy!! Well, last night as we watched our Louisville Cardinals play (I use that word loosely) they made a bad play and as if he knew it, Lucas said "Uh-oh!" This time, my cousin, her neighbor and I all heard it. It was hilarious!!! Tonight, he's been talking up a storm. It's adorable. I need to get the camera out and record it, but every time I get around to grabbing the camera, he's finished. It's just adorable to watch him talk and listen to his cute little voice!!

Ethan has his first teeth!!! Friday night I could tell it was going to break through the skin and Saturday morning it had. Then last night my cousin pointed out that he had a second white spot in his gum so I felt it and it was about to break skin too. Sure enough, this morning he had a new tooth. They are just getting so big!!

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The Lane Family said...

How fun that they said their first words and if more than Mommy heard it...then in my book it is official!!!

Oh boy the fun of teething begins!!! Good Luck :)