Monday, December 14, 2009

So Cute :)

The boys do something every day that just makes me so proud. Yesterday was one of those days I was able to capture them both without them moving or stopping before turning the camera on. Grandma Susan brought over some Clementine oranges and put them on the table. After dinner, we were sitting at the table and Ethan took an interest in them. Once he got a hold of one, he had so much fun!

You might want to view without the volume because I'm laughing and Grandma Susan has some interesting commentary.

I try very hard not to be concerned with what the boys don't do and not to compare them to other babies. However, I have my moments where I do worry. Lucas decided to do something that completely surprised me but made me oh so proud. I've been trying to get them to sit up in tripod fashion but no such luck. Last night, Lucas took it upon himself to show us he's a big boy and can do just that. Grandma Susan is sitting behind him but he is not leaning on her in any way.

Such a proud Mommy!


Shannon said...

I love the pics and videos of the boys, so darn cute!

Shannon said...

Your boys are so cute!!! Love the video!

Katie said...

I know what you mean about hitting milestones - I try to not worry, but I also find myself trying to 'teach' Maddie things right before pediatrician appointments so I can check 'yes' on the milestone survey card we do everytime we're there.

You're boys are absolutely adorable!!

The Lane Family said...

The video is so cute!! They are growing up and getting cuter everyday!!