Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sleep, Food, & Fascination

Venturing into the land of unswaddled babies was a journey we were very nervous to take. So to make the transition easier, we decided to go from swaddles to sleep sacks. I figured going from being constricted to being completely free would be too much at once. At least in the sleep sacks, they would still be somewhat limited in their movements. We tried that for about a week and a half a little over 2 weeks ago. Then one night they were being washed so we just decided to put them in sleepers and see if the freedom was too much. They slept through the night. Aside from needing to replace the pacy once or twice, they have been great at making it through the night. Sometimes when we go in to check on them or go in for their am feeding, Lucas will have scooted all the way up to the head of crib and it's so funny/cute. I need to get a picture of it. Overall, though, it has gone smoothly (surprisingly with two) and I'm glad to be free of the swaddles.

Two nights ago we decided to go from rice cereal to oatmeal. I was told it might be easier on their tummies. Lucas had gone 2 days without a dirty diaper so I called the peds office and was told to give prune juice. I didn't realize they could be given juice this early. I don't need to worry about him getting hooked on any sugar because he definitely didn't like it!! The little face he made when he realized it wasn't good was just so funny. They took just fine to the oatmeal. Seemed to eat it better than the rice. I don't know what, if much, the difference is between the two, but we'll be sticking to the oatmeal until we try veggies in a couple of weeks. Speaking of veggies, Santa will be bringing a food processor and book on how to make your own baby food. I figure since we'll have to buy twice the amount and since I'm home during the week, I'd like to try making it. If it works, good, if not, at least I'll have tried. I still need to do a bit more research on the process though.The boys have never really paid much attention to the dog, Bailey. Since they have become more responsive, they notice her more and more every day. Now when she trotts in the room, they immediately fixate on her and watch her go all around the room. Occassionally, they will reach out towards her. With Bailey, it's hit or miss. Some times she's interested, others she's not. Within the last two days or so, she's allowed them to touch/pet her, with our help of course. She likes sniffing them. If we're not too careful, she'll get in a lick or two. When it happens, the boys giggle. They are just fascinated with her. I'm glad. Bailey was our kid until the babies came home. She's not neglected, but she definitely hasn't gotten the attention she was used to or deserved. I think as they become more aware and mobile, she's going to be in for it :) I can already see they are going to enjoy chasing her around. I think she'll love it too!

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