Saturday, September 18, 2010

My son, the cleaner

So over the last (almost) 15 months, we've cleaned up a lot of baby spit up. Does it get on the carpet sometimes, yes. The boys have seen us clean up these spots more often than I'd like to think. Well, apparently Lucas picked up our habit because Thursday he did the cutest thing. He spit up while I was focusing on Ethan. After a moment, I realized what had happened and as I got up to grab a wipe to do the initial clean up, I see Lucas crawling from across the room with a dried out wipe in his hand. He crawled right back to the spot where he spit up and proceeded to pat the spot with the wipe. Seriously, my son crawled across the room to grab a wipe he saw then crawled back to clean up the mess he made. How incredibly precious is that?!?! They really are little sponges absorbing things that I don't even realize they're paying attention to!


The Lane Family said...

That is so cute!!! I completely understand what you are saying. Once the girls or Aidan see me do something they immediately want to do it too.

Alisha McWhorter said...

Love it! That inspires me to clean more with the hope that Bella will start imitating me in a few short months.