Monday, August 16, 2010


When I woke up this morning, I thought this was going to be a regular morning. Uh, so wrong. We do not use an alarm clock to wake us up in the morning. We use babies. I normally go down and get their milk ready so once they're changed, we can give it to them immediately without any meltdowns while waiting. This morning James decided to pour the milk. I went in and gave good morning kisses. I picked Ethan up first because he usually has a poopy diaper first thing in the morning. I leaned him down to Lucas so they could touch a minute then laid him on the changing table. I went to take his diaper off and realized he wasn't wearing one!!!!! Oh NO! I peek in his crib and what do I see, a poppy diaper laying in his bed. I yell for James and look back at Ethan. He has it on his hands. Yuck! He has it on the right side of his cheek leading to his MOUTH! How disgusting. What was in his diaper still looked intact, not a mushy mess so I can't say for sure if he did eat any, but we are assuming. Now I know crazy things are going to happen and things will get messy with two boys, but ewwww. He hasn't gotten sick so I'm glad for that. I do think he will have a black eye tomorrow though. We have a wagon that the giant size legos came in that Ethan likes to crawl in and out of. It's the perfect size for them. We'll put them in it and drag them around the house. They love it. Well, Ethan was climbing out of it, his foot got caught and he fell hitting his head on the corner of a cardboard box right where his eyebrow ends. That spot was already bruising within a few minutes and it looked like under his eye might be turning a purplish color. What a day! I know spills come with the territory, but I still felt bad about it.


Carly said...

O the joys of poop ...My 1st son when he was Potty Training pooped down the vent in his room..He must have thought it was a potty. No joke.

Amy said...

ewww! and you just know he ate it, too! eeeeeww!