Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Week In Review

It has been an exciting, productive, and yet sad week. The first half of the week brought beautiful weather so we took advantage. Monday we went to the Y so I could continue with my healthy lifestyle changes. For me, knowing how by now I normally would've slacked if not stopped altogether, think I've done very well. The boys have too. They are excited to go to the "gym" and play. This is a huge weight off my shoulders because for the longest time one or both would have a meltdown any time I tried to leave them somewhere without family. The lady opens the door to the kid area and they run in, not even saying bye some days. Makes focusing on me while there so much easier. After the Y we got to play with one of their favorite little ladies, Emma, at the park. Emma's mommy, Jessica, & I went to high school together and were really good friends-they live minutes from us now. I love having a friend close by with a little one their age. Lucas didn't want to get out of the swing.

Tuesday, after the gym, we went to the zoo with Jessica, Emma, and baby Mason. We walked around the zoo in t-shirts in February!!! It was such a beautiful day. Wednesday was storytime at the library followed by a trip to Target for big boy undies. They love their big boy action figure underwear! Wednesday afternoon, we took a 4 mile walk outside. Just loving the weather!! Thursday after the Y, we went to look at bathing suits. That trip was a big fail because they each just wanted to play in the bathroom at the mall because it has a child sized potty. Every 5 minutes, Mommy I gotta go potty. Had to cut that shopping trip way short!

Friday started out with a high threat of severe weather, ending with (last I heard) at least 33 fatalities. Tornadoes swept through our area, staying just north of us, destroying whole towns. My aunt and uncle living in one of those towns, thankfully were safe and did not lose their home. Just reminds you how in a second, everything can change. Church is collecting $25 gift cards to big superstores so people can buy food and supplies as needed. Thankful that we're a part of a community that feels compelled to give to those in need. We were able to find some joy in the weekend with celebrating Aunt Jennifer's birthday.

**If any one is interested in donating a gift card for the people of Henryville and Marysville IN, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!!